Out of the "Green Monster" and into the Oligocene

The “Green Monster” was a large sediment drift made up of Miocene sediments. The Miocene is a geological epoch that extended from 23 million years ago to about five million years ago. It was a time of general global cooling. There were no extreme climate events, just a series of smaller ice ages. If we traveled back to the Miocene, we would recognize many of the animals and plants.

cast fossil of 120 million year old coral. We drilled into limestone with evidence of a coral atoll off the coast of Newfoundland. so cool! 

A look straight up the derrick - all 200 feet of it. The derrick has to be tall because each length of pipe is almost 100 feet long! 

What are looking in deep ocean? Gas hydrates?

We thought we might have stumbled upon some gas hydrates, but the primary scientific objective is to bring up sediment cores (long tubes of sand, rock and mud) to study Earth’s climate history. Check out http://joidesresolution.org/ to learn more about our amazing research. The JOIDES Resolution is the US’ only scientific drilling research vessel. 

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We cant believe it’s already been a month since we left Bermuda! The last 4 weeks flew! 

Q&A with Chris Junium - Sedimentologist

Meet Chris Junium! He is working as a sedimentologist on Expedition 342, but at Syracuse University he is a geochemist. What music is playing in the core lab? Does he get seasick? What is the “green monster” and why is it his favorite core? See below!